Posture & Rehab Exercises

As an alternative treatment option to  Remedial Massage Therapy, GittaLife offers Posture & Rehab Exercises that focus on individual adjustments to daily exercise and lifestyle. They are limited to one-on-one training, specialising in:

  • POSTURE EXERCISES for Home & Office
  • INSTRUCTION of Correct Exercise Technique for various Sports & Gym Activities
  • REHABILITATION Exercises after Injuries

A certain amount of regular exercise is absolutely necessary to stay fit and healthy. This is due to the fact that our muscles lose volume with increasing age. You do not necessarily need to join a gym or purchase a lot of exercise equipment. Perth offers a variety of group exercises, outdoor sports and activities that incorporate movement. Exercises in the pool can also present good alternatives.

Posture & Rehab Exercises

Most people struggle to get a correct exercise technique when they join a gym or start group exercise in Perth.
Pilates is a good way of starting with a gentle, but very concentrated form of exercise. Therefore you can  come to know your body gradually. GittaLife offers exercise sessions that include work on a Pilates Reformer. A reformer can help to simulate muscle actions and  body positions from a wide field of activities. The resulting new movement pattern can then be transferred to any chosen activity by the client.

Additional techniques for posture correction are based on various exercise principles, including Yoga, Schroth and Klein-Vogelbach.

It is noteworthy that correct exercise technique can make all the difference between staying healthy and active or the absolute opposite: injuring yourself and therefore being unable to perform regular activities. It also assists in keeping your flexibility and therefore compliments passive treatment forms like Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy or Deep Tissue Massage.

Core Stability

Knowing the abilities and limits of your body is essential to get good benefits from exercise. One of the main reasons people struggle to improve their fitness, is the lack of the ability to control their core muscles (lack of core stability). Hence being able to control your core muscles will not only keep you safe from injuring yourself during training. Most of all it will also maximise the benefits you receive from your workout.

Pilates Reformer

Working with a  Pilates Reformer ensures a wide range of selections of exercises. Therefore it can challenge you with a very small amount of resistance.  Consequently you will work much more intense than it initially appears. You can also use this form of exercise to gain knowledge about your personal limits.

The idea of Posture & Rehab Exercises is to instruct you with a solid technique and enough knowledge about your own body to be able to exercise safely, no matter what type of exercise you choose in the future. The Pilates Principles can be applied during any form of physical activity. This is because they mainly focus on physiologically efficient body alignment.

With a wide range of experience in correct body alignment, GittaLife focuses on the quality of the exercise to provide the base for safe and enjoyable training.

Go out there, have fun and be safe!