Before You Book

GittaLife dares to be different!

The sole purpose of GittaLife is to provide treatments that achieve the best possible outcome for the individual. Getting the client better has been the motivation to create a treatment approach that is unique in Perth. The goal of this business is to offer an alternative service that  focuses on the patient rather than on a specific technique. 30 years of experience in various sectors of the healthcare industry provide the base for a broad range of knowledge regarding chronic musculo-skeletal conditions.

The individualised treatment approach

This clinic offers sessions that focus on high quality Remedial Massage treatments for complex and chronic health conditions. Therefore each therapy session incorporates a variety of treatment techniques. They are adapted to the individual client. As a result, appointments have been structured accordingly.

Due to the unique treatment approach at GittaLife, please make yourself familiar with the appointment requirements below before deciding to make a booking.

  • For the convenience of clients who work full time, GittaLife offers appointment times outside of normal working hours. Late evening and early morning sessions are available. In addition, patients can book in during flexible times on the weekend.
  • Session times range between 1.5 and 3 hours. The extended treatment duration with each appointment aims to achieve profound treatment results. Ideally the patient notices a considerable improvement within the first two sessions. Results will vary dependent on the patient's responsiveness to the techniques used.
  • Consequently, GittaLife only has a limited amount of sessions available per day. To guarantee an appointment at your preferred time and date, advanced bookings are essential. Please contact the clinic to discuss what specific treatment is required.

GittaLife Appointment Booking Terms

To ensure that sufficient appointments are  available to all clients, bookings need to be confirmed via pre-payment either at the time of booking or 48 hours before the session.

In addition, 48 hours' notice is required for cancellations or rescheduling of an appointment.

Deposits are non-refundable.

If an appointment is missed and was booked under a gift voucher, it cannot be rescheduled. It will be voided in lieu of the fee.