Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy Massage can either be remedial or for relaxation. The benefits of a Remedial Pregnancy Massage can be similar to those of a general Remedial Massage on a woman who is not expecting.

Muscular aches and pain and discomfort can occur more frequently and severely during pregnancy due to the hormonal changes that occur. Whilst the body is adjusting to accommodate for the growth of the baby, some women can experience unfamiliar musculoskeletal symptoms. Joints and muscles can become symptomatic all of the sudden.

The therapist's knowledge of the anatomy of mother and baby, as well as possible complications, assures that the pregnant woman can achieve the best possible result. GittaLife can provide Remedial Massage that will also have preventative effects to pregnant mothers.

How can a pregnant woman be comfortable during a massage?

It has been frequently reported by pregnant women, that being able to lie on their stomach has been very enjoyable for them.

GittaLife provides a  specific pregnancy massage table with motorised raising mid-section for extra comfort in lower back and pelvis area. This allows for lying on your stomach and giving support for the maximum comfort for your body during the massage.

Massage after Pregnancy

Once the baby is born, the mother can benefit from massage to get the 'system working again'. The build-up of toxins in the muscles after being less mobile for many months can be improved and your general well-being increased.

Fluid Retention

With a decrease in circulation in the later pregnancy stages, a lot of women suffer from fluid retention - especially in the lower extremities. Swollen ankles are a common problem - especially in Perth. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage can help to address these symptoms.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

may include

  • Relief from muscle cramps, spasms and myofascial pain, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs
  • Increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling
  • Reduced stress on weight-bearing joints
  • Enhanced pliability of skin and underlying tissues
  • Decrease in generalised fluid retention
  • Enhanced over all well-being
  • Increase in energy levels, particularly during late pregnancy

All about being pregnant ...

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