Fibre and Digestion have always been related. Inflammation in the digestive tract can lead to a variety of symptoms, including inflammation in muscles and joints.

This Remedial MassageTherapy practice focuses mainly on the treatment of chronic musculo-skeletal conditions. Many of these conditions represent with pain and fluid retention (including the feeling of bloating) due to persistent inflammation of soft tissue.

During my combined Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage sessions,  I come across many clients who have issues with the digestion of food. The treatment of the stomach of these clients usually reproduces some of their daily symptoms and pains.

Quite regularly there is a discussion involved about existing allergies, daily eating habits and food intake, as well as the food content that is consumed. My clients are often the most knowledgeable experts on their own condition and have done a multitude of research.

One of my customers kindly shared with me an article about the function of fibre in regards to digestion of carbohydrates and glucose.  I found it very interesting and decided to share it in my blog. Enjoy!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2019!

As you may have noticed while checking out my page, I provide a variety of Remedial Massage techniques. I also offer Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage as a combination treatment in the same session. This form of therapy can be used for a variety of pathologies, including the removal of toxins after chemotherapy to treat cancer.

30 years ago, when I started using Lymphatic Drainage as a treatment technique, it was considered to be a separate modality. Even though my training protocol stated not to use it in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches, I always felt that I wanted to treat the underlying structures as well. It simply made sense to me that increased blood flow and softer muscle tissue would enhance the effects of Lymphatic Drainage. 

Myofascial Release came into the picture many years after my original training as a practitioner. Once I started using it more frequently, I noticed the tissue response in the skin. The effects were very similar to the ones I observed after a Lymphatic Drainage treatment. It occurred to me that I might be able to improve the overall results by combining the two techniques in the same treatment. This was the beginning of my combined Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage sessions. The session time became longer and longer … The results that my clients are experiencing confirm to me that the treatment is actually working.

When I came across the article from Andrew Gallagher about the Integrated Approach, it was confirming my own experiences.

I agree that there is a connection between headaches and sinuses and inflammation and restriction (including trigger points) in the myofascial system. The responses of my clients to the combined Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage techniques in the area of the neck and shoulder girdle include pain relief in the sinus area and a decrease in headaches.

Please find attached the link to the interesting article about the Integrated Approach:

With this first blog post I welcome you to my page. My name is Gitta Wright and I am the owner of GittaLife. My practice focuses on the treatment of chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions.

When you were looking through my website, you might have noticed the duration of  my session times. They are quite long compared to the usual treatment times that other clinics in Perth offer. For many years it has been my dream to spend more time with each client. I intend  to really focus on the specific problem that each person is experiencing.

Many of my customers suffer from chronic pain or tension. They often also complain about constant fluid retention due to a wide variety of reasons. A clinical picture with such a multitude of problems will not be resolved in a short session treatment approach. I try to address it with more than one single therapeutic technique.

Due to my constant post graduate training, I have accumulated experiences in various therapeutic approaches. I tend to mix and match them to adjust my treatment to each client individually. The prolonged session times have made my treatments much more effective. Therapeutic benefits have considerably improved  compared to the usual 30 minutes or 1 hour sessions that I used to offer. I also find that my customers need less sessions to maintain the treatment result.

This blog aims to share experiences with various treatment approaches in the field of Remedial Massage. It also intends to address topics related to chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions.

The World Health Organization provides a fact sheet on Musculoskeletal Conditions: