Fibre and Digestion have always been related. Inflammation in the digestive tract can lead to a variety of symptoms, including inflammation in muscles and joints.

This Remedial MassageTherapy practice focuses mainly on the treatment of chronic musculo-skeletal conditions. Many of these conditions represent with pain and fluid retention (including the feeling of bloating) due to persistent inflammation of soft tissue.

During my combined Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage sessions,  I come across many clients who have issues with the digestion of food. The treatment of the stomach of these clients usually reproduces some of their daily symptoms and pains.

Quite regularly there is a discussion involved about existing allergies, daily eating habits and food intake, as well as the food content that is consumed. My clients are often the most knowledgeable experts on their own condition and have done a multitude of research.

One of my customers kindly shared with me an article about the function of fibre in regards to digestion of carbohydrates and glucose.  I found it very interesting and decided to share it in my blog. Enjoy!